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Top 5 Questions to Ask a Window Installation Contractor When Looking to Replace Your Windows

Top 5 questions to ask my window installation contractor

Many of the common issues homeowners experience, like incorrect orders and delayed window and door installations can be avoided by evaluating a window installation contractor before you hire them. In the hurried pace of residential construction, sometimes we don’t invest the time we should in selecting a window installation contractor. Sometimes this leads to misunderstandings, […]

Working With My Local Remodeling Contractor

Working With My Local Remodeling Contractor

Home remodeling projects can be both a satisfying experience and a stressful one. For many homeowners, the day will come when they need to make a substantial investment in their home. Sometimes the investment is a new roof, or siding, and other times it’s a paint refresh.  However, if we don’t invest when we need […]

Replacement ROI: Are New Windows Worth the Investment?

Replacement ROI: Are New Windows Worth The Investment

In the current volatile economic climate, numerous homeowners are actively seeking methods to cut expenses. One of the highly regarded and widely embraced approaches is to reduce energy costs through the installation of modern, energy-efficient windows and doors. By replacing outdated windows with new, energy-efficient ones, significant savings can be achieved. It may come as […]

Best Home Window Replacement Guide

Despite all the ways that windows play an important role within a home, they’re not usually top-of-mind for the average homeowner. Unlike other areas of the home, we don’t usually interact with our windows multiple times a day. You may not even know what type of windows you currently have or how old they are. […]

What Should I Look For When I’m Window Shopping?

Replacement Window Shopping Windows have a tremendous impact on the design of a home, but often homeowners don’t know what to look for when shopping for replacement windows. The window experts at Total Home Construction are here to help! When you are looking at new windows, you should consider: Style: When your windows need to be replaced, […]

Signs You Need a Window Replacement

Window Replacement Are your windows swollen shut? Do you feel outside air seeping into your home, even when your windows are closed? These are only some signals that your windows may become a drain on your comfort and your wallet.  If you see or experience any of the following, it may be time to make a change. […]

Invite Nature Into Your Home With Our Selection Of Windows

Window Selection One of the many perks to living on Long Island is the beauty of your natural surroundings, whether your home overlooks a gorgeous view of the flat-calm Sound, sits nestled among red maple trees, or lies on the tranquil expanse of a green, rolling lawn. The best way to integrate the great outdoors […]