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When you think of how Preservation windows and siding can enrich your home, a few things should come to mind: beautifully-designed, high-performance, and energy-efficient.

New siding and windows can do wonders for your curb appeal. Whether you’re seeking a bold, modern look or something more traditional, Preservation has you covered. Siding styles include board & batten, shakes & scallops, soffit siding, as well as vertical and the steel variety. WIndow styles include double-hung, sliding, casement, and awning, as well as bay & bow box windows and garden windows.

Each Preservation product is tested to make sure they perform well after installation.  Preservation windows are tested for air filtration, water resistance and structural load in accordance with the standards of ASTM International.  Preservation Premium Vinyl Siding, including  Preservation Integra™, is certified under the Vinyl Siding Institute’s (VSI) independent third-party testing program for color retention.

Featuring 100% recycled vinyl, Preservation windows won’t chip, peel, crack or warp.  Plus, optional EnergyMaxx insulated glass features LowE coatings that help keep your home comfortable and your energy bills under control.  That same thoughtfulness can be found in the superior performance qualities of Preservation siding, in particular the insulated siding products they offer, from ClimaShield® insulation to their Integra line of products.

At Total Home Construction, we’re especially proud of the work we’ve done installing both Preservation windows and siding.  Why?  Well, we feel that it’s our duty to support the manufacturer warranties by ensuring their products are installed properly.  It’s just another way in which we demonstrate our dedication to all those we do business with.


Preservation, an Associated Materials company, is known and respected for their various building material solutions. In addition to a full line of high-performance siding and decorative trim accessories, they also manufacture a wide range of windows and patio doors.

And if low maintenance is a primary feature, then Preservation has a solution for you. Their Origin II™premium vinyl resin is the foundational element of their windows and patio doors. It gives them a superior durability and energy efficiency that makes a real difference.

And for their vinyl siding products, they employ a combination of technologies in the manufacturing process to protect them from the effects of Mother Nature. If you’re looking for a vinyl siding product that won’t rot, warp, shrink or swell, and that will maintain its lustre over time, then look no further than Preservation.


Preservation is a comprehensive building materials company, in particular when you review their siding and window product catalog. Here are just a few highlights that we feature at Total Home Construction.


Choose from Premium, Ultra-Premium, VLS or Board & Batten style siding to complement your home’s exterior and align with your project scope and budget.


Casual elegance, handsomely crafted and built to last. These striking profiles can create a bold statement, as well as a timeless look with some personality.


Old windows are no match for the features and benefits that Preservation vinyl replacement windows can offer – from double-hung and sliding to casement, awning and the box and garden style windows.


If high performance siding is what you’re after, then Integra should be in your consideration set. With a natural wood appearance, superior durability and energy-efficiency, the choice is simple.