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How Much Does Window and Door Replacement Increase Home Value?

Replacing the doors and windows on your home is considered one of the top three home upgrades you can perform.

Replacing your doors and windows has a dual benefit. It lowers your monthly energy bills and increases the value of your home. This investment has a positive return.

Average window sizes have increased by 10% over the last five years. Consequently, homes with old, small windows can seem out of date and lower its value.

Homes with low curb appeal often have lower appraisal values than updated homes. This is especially true in today’s hot real estate market. High energy consumption also affects a home’s appraisal value.

As a result, renovations of older homes should include replacement doors and windows if return on investment is important. Adding extra space to a home often increases its value. Upgrading doors and windows to modern standards can have an even bigger impact on a home’s value.

Here we will discuss why replacing your doors and windows should be at the top of your renovation checklist. Making modern upgrades can provide an excellent return on investment in the form of energy savings and increased home value.

Replacing Your Windows and Doors Can Significantly Increase Your Home Value - Total Home Construction
Replace Windows and Doors With Seal Issues - Total Home Construction

When Should You Replace Your Windows?

Window and door seals can become worn over time. This can lead to drafts forming in your home. As a result, the air you have just paid to warm or cool is lost.

Doors and windows that do not operate properly will also leak water, potentially allowing water damage to occur. If you can feel a draft or see water somewhere it shouldn’t be, it’s probably time to replace your windows and doors.

How Do New Doors and Windows Increase Home Value?

How long a home lasts, its appearance and the cost of its operation are usually the main priorities for home buyers. Checking these factors is essential when choosing a home. Energy efficient, attractive homes usually sell faster than homes with little to no improvements to energy use or curb appeal.

Do you want to know what to do to make your home more sellable? Replacing old doors and windows should be at the top of your priority list. 

Here’s why:


Remodeling projects are the ideal time to replace old doors and windows with modern replacements. Old doors and windows were not built to the high energy saving standards as those built today in modern construction.

Many homeowners update the doors and windows of their entire home during a remodeling project. This provides continuity and additional energy savings. The homeowner can control natural light better with a replacement project, resulting in a more pleasant atmosphere in the new space and the whole home.

Window Replacement and Installation Contractors - Total Home Construction

Popular Trends

Replacing your doors and windows also helps prevent your home from becoming dated. Those interested in selling their homes will often find competing properties have already upgraded their doors and windows.

Completing your replacement project sooner rather than later will also reduce your energy consumption while you live in the home. Savvy buyers will see the high-performance windows and realize they can pay more for your home because they will pay less to the utility provider every month.

If increasing home value is the goal, modern window designs allow you to get creative with color, function and style. Updating single hung windows can improve curb appeal. Choose bold frame colors and energy efficient designs. No other updates are necessary.

Increased Appraisal

Selling your home becomes significantly easier if your doors and windows are updated. Potential buyers are attracted to low energy bills. They also calculate the remaining useful life of the windows and doors. Based on these calculations, they adjust their offer.

Well-maintained doors and windows can last for many years. Appraisers will assume the new owner will benefit from this without needing to make another large investment. The new doors and windows will be reflected in the appraisal value. This can be significant.

Marvin Windows and Doors - Interior Casement Wood Windows with Divided Lites - Total Home Construction

Faster Selling

The job of a real estate agent is made easier when the home has upgraded doors and windows. Most buyers prefer homes that require little renovation. These homes sell faster as buyers are able to avoid expensive renovations.

Trends indicate that buyers look for features that improve the energy efficiency, look, and functionality of the home. Few home upgrades can provide all these benefits better or faster than new doors and windows.

Get a Return On Your Investment and Increase Your Home’s Value

Adding insulation, replacing a roof, and replacing doors and windows are generally considered the top three home upgrades you can perform.

Doors and windows are important for several reasons. They offer protection like a roof, reducing the need for additional layers of defense. They also reduce energy consumption, much like insulation. Lastly, they can improve the curb appeal of your home, such as with landscaping and painting.

For comparison, repainting and landscaping may increase the curb appeal, but they will not reduce your energy consumption. Adding insulation will reduce energy use, but it won’t impress a potential buyer accessing the curb appeal.

Replacing your doors and windows accomplishes all of these benefits quickly and cost-effectively, all at once. New doors and windows, particularly energy efficient models, can increase the appraisal value of your home. Selling your home in today’s hot real estate market may be a smart move.

Whether you plan to sell your home tomorrow or twenty years from now, window and door replacement provides long term benefits. And the sooner you upgrade the more money you will save.

Most homeowners aren’t door and window professionals so that’s where we come in.  Total Home Construction has been servicing Long Island’ home improvement market for over 35 years.  Door and window replacement projects can add home value very quickly, but only when performed correctly. To get free, no obligation professional help in planning  your door and window replacement project, click here for more information.  Or contact us today by visiting our website today.

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