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What Aging Homes Can Tell You About Future Renovations

Investing in a 1970s Long Island home may seem like a dream.

Who couldn’t find beauty in stained-glass windows and a historic fireplace? But most old homes come with a fair share of repairs. Following well-being trends in the home is the best way to create a comfortable and functional environment.

The 2022 U.S. Houzz & Home Study reveals that the age of a home affects homeowners’ remodeling priorities and budget. They are more likely to prioritize and spend money on particular projects depending on the age of their home. For example, black windows were extremely common 100 years ago.

So to determine a budget for renovations, first look at the age of your home. This means planning upgrades based on when the house was originally built and the renovations that have taken place since then. Each group in the study invested a median amount of $20,000 on remodeling.

Do you own or want to buy an older home? Here are some things to know about renovations by home age over the years.

Renovations by Home Age Throughout the Years

Homes Built Before 1960

Did you know that houses built before 1960 account for 25% of home upgrades? Homes built in earlier years were generally smaller than those built later. 51% of them were below 2000 square feet. However, 92% of homes were single-family detached houses.

Most homeowners during this era would hire professionals to renovate their homes. Here are a few statistics on the type of professional contractor hired.

  • 28% hired painters
  • 29% hired general contractors
  • 33% percent hired air conditioning specialists
  • 37% hired plumbers
  • 43% hired electricians
Aging Homes 1961-1980

Electrical appliances had just been introduced in this era. Hence, two in five homeowners relied on electricians to install electrical outlets around their homes.

Remodeling trends before 1960 show that the national median for home upgrades was $18,000. Renovations for older homes during this time focused on four areas: outdoor, home exterior, interior rooms, and home systems.

Homes Built Between 1961-1980

Homes built between 1961 and 1980 placed special importance on interior spaces, albeit being the smallest when compared to other eras. It is no wonder that 73% of homes during this time made interior rooms the center of attention.

Old house renovations were a common practice. Many people also began renovating their kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and windows. Here are 12 inspirational window design ideas that can help gauge the changes people liked making around their houses. Homeowners commonly employed professional electricians and plumbers to renovate their homes and make them more functional.

The national median spent on remodeling during this era was $20,000 as opposed to $18,000 during the pre-1960s.

Homes Built Between 1981 and 2000

Renovations for older homes jumped to 29% during this era as more and more people started to focus on functionality. Moreover, homeowners (92%) hired more professional help than in any other era. Also, upgrades to interior rooms were more popular than ever, as everyone wanted their house to look modern and well-kept.

Homes Built in 2001 or Later

Remodeling trends show homes in this era are more focused on luxury projects, such as security, flooring and home automation.

Homeowners started to work on outdoor projects after 2001. 59% of them included irrigation and lighting facilities in their patios and yards.

Aging Homes 1981 Later

During the early 2000s, home security systems became more popular, and wireless features started to take the world by storm. The need for plumbers, electricians, and heating/air conditioning professionals also increased.

Since 2001, large homes have become more popular. However, the median amount spent on home renovations is the lowest of any era – just $15,000.

Aging Homes Design and Style

Ready to Renovate?

Figuring out how and what to renovate in your house is not an easy decision. However, looking at renovation trends by home age is a great way to help you determine the approximate renovation cost and whether your budget allows it.

Of course, renovations can be tricky, but with the correct help and guidance, you should be able to build the home of your dreams. It is no secret that, in most cases, renovating a home can be more cost effective than buying a brand new property.

If your family size has increased over the years or your needs have changed, and you want to make your home more functional for modern times, renovation is always a brilliant idea. Contact Total Home Construction Corp for expert advice on the products and services that will bring your dream up to date for years to come.

Our approach to customer service is hands-on, and we stand behind our promise to deliver quality for your home. Contact us at totalhomeconstruction.com or call 516-882-4747 in Nassau, NY and 631-421-4747 in Suffolk, NY.

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