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Home Renovations

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Home Renovations

Renovating a home could mean many different things.  From updating a room with new flooring and finishes to a full-scale home addition, this is where our total approach to servicing our customers really shines.

While some of the most popular remodeling projects involve kitchens, bathrooms and basements, we take a comprehensive approach when working with you to accomplish your goals – from the entirety of the scope to the materials available to you.  We will guide you through every phase of the process, and phase is an important word.  We schedule your project so the team of expert contractors are on-site at the right moment.  And before we lift one hammer, we draft out your designs so the roadmap is set and expectations are in sync from the get-go.

Over time, you may find that you’re starting to outgrow your home.  Maybe you need room for a newborn or maybe Mom has decided to move in with you so she can help out with the grandkids.  Whatever the reasons might be, what do you do if you love the neighborhood and don’t want to move?  Putting on an addition or extension is a great way to address these situation and the way we do it ensures that it feels like it was always a part of the home and not just “tacked on.”  It’s the same concept with dormer construction, which is one of our most frequently requested home extension services.  Designed to create more headspace in an attic or below a roofline, these expansions can truly reinvent a living space.

Basement renovations have come a long way from the wood-paneled rec rooms of yesteryear.  Home theaters, workout rooms, the home office, a space for musical performance… the number of ways to repurpose a basement has grown and continues to evolve based on homeowner needs.  Plus, if your basement renovation requires an egress solution, we have the products and expertise to make it happen.

A kitchen renovation can not only enhance your quality of life, but it can also do wonders for the value of your home.  If a kitchen remodel is in your plans, we can help you with all the elements you might need – from countertops, tile and cabinetry to plumbing, appliances and lighting fixtures.  Our kitchen consultants, along with license plumbers and electricians, work in concert with the service excellence, expedited scheduling and expert installation you should expect.

Our bathroom renovations are designed to fit the individual needs and wants of our clients and with the guidance of our design team you can achieve just about any look – from vintage to modern and everything in between.  Each element of your bathroom renovation is curated just for you – from tiles and countertops to fixtures and ventilation.



Kitchen Renovation

Total Home Construction knows that kitchen renovation isn’t just a luxury purchases, but an investment that can add significant value to the home. After all, kitchens can serve many purposes, from cooking to dining to entertaining guests.

Bathroom Remodeling

Total Home Construction designs and builds bathrooms to function like they should. Our bathroom renovations focus on individual needs, giving our clients the perfect space to complement – and enhance – their lifestyles.

Basement Renovations

Over the past few decades, basement renovations have evolved from dank storage spaces to a staple of suburban living built for in-home entertainment.