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Preparing Your Home For The Hot Summer Months

Home Exterior Roofing and Siding - Total Home Construction

As the temperature rises and as the summer Long Island days grow longer, it’s time for homeowners in Nassau and Suffolk County to prepare their homes for the summer season. From ensuring optimal energy efficiency to enhancing curb appeal, there are several key areas to focus on for a smooth transition into the warmer months. […]

5 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your House Siding

Visual signs will often appear when it’s time to replace your house siding. Signs like fading, peeling, and mildew can warn you in advance of major repairs if you know what to look for. The key to successful home ownership is being proactive when repairs are needed instead of reactive. Your house siding may need […]

Benefits Of Vinyl Siding For Your Home

Vinyl Siding Whether you’re building or simply remodeling a home, there are number of exterior design choices that can drastically affect your project’s end result. The overall curb appeal of your home depends on a number of key choices, including roofing material, color scheme, windows and doors, and siding. When choosing siding for a home […]