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Invite Nature Into Your Home With Our Selection Of Windows

Window Selection

One of the many perks to living on Long Island is the beauty of your natural surroundings, whether your home overlooks a gorgeous view of the flat-calm Sound, sits nestled among red maple trees, or lies on the tranquil expanse of a green, rolling lawn. The best way to integrate the great outdoors into your everyday life is with a set of windows from Total Home Construction. We know Long Island, and we know how to bring its charms into your living room, bedroom, and foyer.

From breathtaking panoramic windows that make your beachfront home feel like a schooner out on the water, to skylights that let the blue azure and natural sunlight illuminate your kitchen, Total Home has an endless variety of high-efficiency windows that will enhance the style and décor of your residence. And windows do more than simply serve to inspire budding landscape artists or provide stunning backdrop for entertaining guests.

On the practical side of things, windows improve your home’s energy efficiency. With more sun being let into your home, you’ll use your lighting fixtures less, which will lower your electric bill. On a pleasant spring or summer day, you can open your windows and let the natural air take over from your air conditioning. Even in the winter, daytime sunlight entering through our specialty windows, like the Preservation® Series, will help to heat your home by keeping that warmth inside where it belongs. Your new windows will be installed to your home’s exact specifications, so you’ll enjoy air-tight insulation that keeps the cool air in during the summer, and the warm air in during the winter.

Perhaps best of all, Total Home is here to work with your imagination. We have the installation expertise and enormous variety of custom and specialty windows to bring your ideas to life. So let’s build your dream home together. Contact us today to get started!