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Get a Steel or Fiberglass Door Installed Today

Steel Doors or Fiberglass Doors

Doors are the gateway to your home and can give it tremendous curb appeal, but there are many different door styles to choose from. Combined with expert installation from Total Home Construction, steel or fiberglass doors can give any homeowner the door style they want at a price they can afford. Steel and fiberglass doors each offer different advantages.

Steel doors are:

  • Low maintenance
  • Not susceptible to cracking and bowing
  • Energy efficient
  • Secure

Fiberglass doors:

  • Won’t rot, deteriorate or rust
  • Stay cool, even in warm temperatures
  • Resist denting and scratching
  • Keep heated or cooled air inside your home.

Contact us today to find out which door is right for your home and to schedule a free estimate.