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7 Must-Know Bathroom Remodeling Services Tips

Bathrooms are some of the subtlest, yet most fundamental, areas in any home. They are where we start and end our days, pamper ourselves and enjoy some of our most sacredly private moments.

It makes sense, then, that bathroom remodeling services are among the most popular home renovation initiatives on Long Island, in Queens or in Westchester. After all, we all want a personal space in which we can feel comfortable. What better place to do so than a beautifully renovated, high quality bathroom?

Like any home improvement project, bathroom remodeling is no easy task. It requires appropriate planning, budgeting and even bathroom designing. However, the payoffs are usually worth it, and with proper planning, it does not need to be stressful.

Below are a few tips that can help you get started with a bathroom remodeling in Westchester, in Queens or on Long Island. Be sure to employee reputable bathroom renovation contractors before embarking on your remodel project! We at Total Home Construction are a full service construction and remodeling contractors company. We would be happy to assist in any way we can, so if you need an initial quote for bathroom services, or a second opinion from reliable bathroom remodeling contractors, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Bathroom Remodeling Services Tips

1.  Know The Costs

Before taking on any home improvement project, it’s important to research the potential costs. Not only will this put your expectations into perspective, but it can help you determine whether or not it’s an appropriate time to remodel. After all, establishing a personal budget is only helpful if you have an idea of what that money can get you. So before looking inward, check out the industry averages.

As the New York Times points out, bathroom renovations in the mid-range market have an average cost of almost $19,000. This includes replacing the bathroom fixtures, the tiles, the vanity and the toilet. Naturally, the cost will vary by the size of your bathroom and the quality of materials you choose. However, if your budget is only, say, $5,000, then you may want to reconsider.

2.  Keep Plumbing Where It Is

Though bathroom remodeling is fairly expensive, there are a handful of ways you can cut down the costs. One of the easiest ways to save is by leaving the sink, shower and toilet where they are.

Relocating water utilities requires changing the entire plumbing of your bathroom layout. Naturally, this comes with a hefty price tag. So, when planning your bathroom remodel, try to fit your existing piping into the equation. If you can avoid moving supply and drainpipes, your money will be able to go further in the bathroom design and finishing touches department!

3.  Dont’ Rely On Tile

Despite its popularity, no bathroom has to have tile from floor to ceiling. In fact, since tile is so expensive, limiting your use of it to, say, only in the shower can end up saving you serious money.

Plus, there are plenty of stylish tile alternatives. When planning bathroom renovations, we suggest that you consider using board and batten, beadboard or even reclaimed wood panels. Not only do these materials offer a high-end look at a more affordable price than tile, but they also create a warmer, more comforting atmosphere.

4.  Think About Lighting

When it comes to any remodeling project, it is important to have a purpose. One of the most popular goals homeowners have when remodeling a bathroom is capturing additional light.

Adding light (especially natural light) to your bathroom is one of the most valuable changes a homeowner can make. Plus, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Since the best approach to any well-lit space is incorporating multiple layers, simply combine windows with accent, ambient and decorative lighting bathroom fixtures.

5.  Look For Deals

Another easy way to lower the cost of your bathroom remodeling services is to avoid paying for expensive materials firsthand. For example, why buy a big chunk of granite if you only need a small piece for the vanity? This logic can be applied to nearly every material — from the tiles to the cabinetry and fixtures.

There are tons of local stores in Westchester, Long Island and Queens where overstocked materials and discontinued lines are sold at a fraction of their price. Not to mention salvage stores or online marketplaces, where repurposed items are often practically given a way. Sure, these materials may not all align with the latest trends. But if you are thinking about a bathroom remodeling, it would be foolish not to explore them.

Bathroom renovation contractors will know where to find the materials at these stores and can help guide you make a decision on what will look best for your bathroom design.

6.  Keep it Simple

When it comes to the finer details of your bathroom remodeling project, remember: every material — no matter how small — costs money.

While the handles required to operate, say, a shower may seem like a small expense, it can quickly add up if you over-complicate the design. (Ditto for the cabinets, sinks and toilets). Remember, each valve has to be separately installed. So whenever possible, keep things simple!

7.  Consider The Costs Of Labor

Finally, we have already touched on ways you can save money on materials, but it’s important to also consider the costs of labor associated with your bathroom remodeling services.

Between the bathroom remodeling contractor and the necessary project manager, the cost of hired remodeling experts can quickly add up. In fact, labor can account for as much as 40 percent of the overall budget on any home improvement project. So, if possible, try to minimize costs by keeping things simple and selecting products that do not require hefty technical installations.

At Total Home Construction, we offer bathroom remodeling services on Long Island, in Queens and in Westchester. We’re located in Suffolk County on Long Island and we’d be happy to offer you a free consultation!